Rio 2 - Nathan Fowkes


Rio 2 - Nathan Fowkes

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Concept art of Elsa’s powers in the last act of Frozen.

* Note how, in the top frame, ice chandeliers like the one in Elsa’s palace have replaced the castle’s regular chandeliers and Elsa’s snowflake has replaced the Arendelle crocus on the ballroom floor and in the stained glass window. It’s like her powers become like a cursed version of the Midas touch, turning everything around her into ice – including Anna (middle frame). By being fearful of the world, the world becomes her greatest fears. But when she learns to let the world in, she amplifies the world’s beauty with her own. Just as the ice palace represented the beauty long repressed within Elsa finally expressed in solitude, her Arendelle castle (bottom frame) represents that beauty finally claimed without fear and shared with all.

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Melting Olaf


Melting Olaf

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Looks like Frozen will be taking visual inspiration from legendary Disney Studio artist Mary Blair! Source of Frozen art. 

I thought the same thing when I was taking my pictures! Some of these really look like Lorelay Bove to me, but apparently (supposedly) she didn’t work on Frozen.

<3 with Blair-esque designs. So whimsical

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Frozen Concept Art - Elsa (Photoset 4 of 13)

Master post of all 13 photosets HERE

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Frozen Concept Art - Anna and Elsa (Photoset 3 of 13)

Master post of all 13 photosets HERE

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Prince Hans and Princess Anna



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Visual Development from Frozen

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/As requested, some of the concept art.

I actually got chills (no pun intended) when looking at the last one.


Please credit!


I can’t wait to get my hands on the concept art book!!

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Frozen Concept Art

How beautiful!!!

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Character design/concept art from Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph; 2012.

One of the Nicelanders in the film was based on John Lasseter (first image, bottom right corner) but didn’t make it into the final film.

need this book


Portraits of Lady Tremaine

These early portraits on Cinderella’s stepmother, created by Mary Blair, show the icy and evil personality of the character, which later would be quite helpful for its development by the animator Frank Thomas. 



Brave - Merida

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